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Tokyo Sharehouse

“We have 17 share houses in Tokyo.
Mainly they are single-family house and not only Japanese house mates but also many from overseas live there.
Most of the share houses are located in places with good access to Shibuya, Shinjuku, or in excellent living environments.”

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Yokohama Sharehouse

“10 minute walk from Nishi-Yokohama Station on the Sotetsu Line
The house can accommodate 5 people, each private room is 6 to 8 tatami mats size. The living room is about 18 tatami mats size, so you can spend a relaxing time with your housemates.
There is also a local shopping street around the station, where you can find everything you need for daily life. It is a perfect share house for who work in Yokohama area because it takes only 4 minutes to Yokohama station by Sotetsu line.”。

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Osaka Sharehouse

“There are 8 share houses in Osaka.
Same as Tokyo area, most of houses are single-family house and the nationalities of housemates are diverse.
There are 2 houses near Shin-Osaka Station where the Shinkansen stops, Miyakojima house along the river near Osaka Umeda.”

Kyoto Sharehouse

“There are 3 share houses in Kyoto
They are located in the main areas of Kyoto such as Arashiyama, a tourist attraction in Kyoto, and Fushimi Momoyama near Fushimi Momoyama Castle.”