• 2021.3.1[Mon]
  • 公開日:2021.3.1[Mon]

“Why do you let Youtube/Media detract the joy of meals “

Hi there
I’m Kenichi, one of Come on UP staff here.
I am lately mentally exhausted or burn out just because I’ve been paying lots of attention to so many things such as makings educational contents as english teacher, and Share-House stuff, also currently teaching English on native camp as well.

Most of the time things go unfulfilled on the ground of divided attention of us.

We are partialy distracted and less likely to appreciate the present moment. However, which is very common things for animals.

I often see Netflix or check my duty during every single meals
And distracted, less receptive in terms of the taste in the meal.

With a view to cherishing the moment, I took place a party with cheese fondue. That was very heavy and fatty meal though! I clearly remember what I was into in that moment and how the taste or vibe was like.

As a second restoration for my attention, I went to Café which is highly inspired by Herb and thousands of perfumes.

Then I got two meals, “ Onigiri “,“ Some pickles “.
I hardly eat that simple meal.

However I chose it I found it very fresh and tasty with full undivided attention.

Sometimes It’s okay to no do anything but just existing.

Cherish the moment.