• 2021.2.2[Tue]
  • 公開日:2021.2.2[Tue]

Unexpected downtime – we down for a creative work

Remote working was 2020’s keyword, and so does for the beginning of 2021.

But, let’s just take a breath.
Let’s just have a “vacation state of mind”.

Letting go of stress, embracing experiences.
Feed your interests to grow creatively.
And so that we want to change the ordinary.

Shot with NOMO INS W.

We have plenty of ways to channel our feelings.
Maybe art & crafts are our ways.
This time we choose painting. Wall painting.

And, then, no idea of what color to use.
Country blue? Pinky red? Ivory?
We were lost in hundreds of choices.
What to choose, and what to refuse.

Shot with NOMO INS W.

We peeled off the dark and old wallpaper.
Getting crafty, and the wall looked raw.
“Blue, gray, white” that expresses
Moody, calming, and more.

We painted , we laughed.
We blurred the gaps.
We enjoyed together.

Shot with NOMO INS W.